March ’21 Asynchronous Learning


Sweetest surrender of winter
She put up a flag, it is waving

The Avett Brothers – A Father’s First Spring


Pediatric Resuscitation Pitfalls

Neonatal Intubation and RSI

Delivering Bad News in the Pediatric Emergency Department

Anaphylaxis: All You Need to Know


PEM Pearls: Intranasal medications in the Pediatric ER

Pediatric Difficult Airway

Supraglottic Airways for Pediatric Airway Management in the Emergency Department

Can’t Intubate Can’t Ventilate
(multiple videos for help/visualization of techniques discussed above: here)

Pearls & Pitfalls – How to Increase Your Success with Infant Spinal Taps—how-to-increase-your-success-with-infant-spinal-taps/

Work ups

Bacterial Meningitis in Children

Managing Acute Asthma

Pediatric Trauma Pitfalls

MIS-C: When COVID Affects Kids

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