Asynchronous Learning

Nov 2017 Asynchronous Learning

Blunt & Penetrating Trauma


Sixteen in the clip and one in the hole
Nate Dogg is about to make some bodies turn cold
Now they droppin and yellin
It’s a tad bit late
Nate Dogg and Warren G. had to regulate
Regulate – Warren G. ft. Nate Dogg


Ten (Trauma Resuscitation) Commandments

Trauma Resuscitation Part I

Digital Rectal Exam (DRE) in Trauma

Neck & Extremities

Neck Trauma: A Practice Update

Penetrating Upper Airway Injury Awake Intubation Do’s & Don’ts

Trauma! Extremity Injuries

Peripheral Vascular Injury Management

Thoracic & Abdominal

ACEP Recommendations for Use of Thoracotomy in the Emergency Department

GSW to the Chest

Crack to Cure – ED Thoracotomy

Predictive Ability of the FAST Examination in Traumatic Cardiac Arrest

Peri-mortem C-Section

Extra Learning *

Crack the Chest. Get Crucified

Pediatric Extras

Paediatric Trauma Snapshot: What’s New?

Multisystem Trauma in Children Part Two: Massive Transfusion, Trauma Imaging, and Resuscitative Pearls

* Not required


7 comments on “Nov 2017 Asynchronous Learning

  1. Brandon Roe

    What do you guys think about the idea of giving fentanyl for trauma patients to decrease catecholamine surge to increase peripheral perfusion like Scott Weingart suggests in the trauma resus podcast on this months asynchronous learning. My personal thought is that I am more concerned with perfusing vital organs than the periphery and that the catecholamine surge is facilitating vital organ perfusion. I am all for giving fentanyl for analgesia in these pts but I cant say I agree with giving it to decrease catecholamine surge to aid in peripheral perfusion. He also suggests that the catecholamine surge is largely secondary to fear and pain. I am sure that has some to do with it but I would say the hemorrhage, shock, and decrease perfusion play a larger role. Thoughts?


    • I’m all about fentanyl in Trauma! But only to prevent a adrenal surge? I think it’s just a good pain medication for hypotensive patients because it doesn’t drop it …(much)

      Too often we don’t address pain in trauma.



  2. Brandon Roe

    Watch the Crack the Chest video from John Hinds. So many pearls. Dont be a resus wanker!


    • Finally got to watch it. Would you have done a clamshell if you did it again Brandon?


  3. I don’t think so. We had a chest tube in the right and got nothing out of it. Plus it was a GSW to the abdomen so I don’t think it would have helped us much. But definitely something to think about and I’d consider it if I ever do it again.


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